We’re not just another networking group where you ‘sell yourself’ to strangers.

In fact, our groups are perfect if the idea of networking with a room full of strangers sends you into a tailspin.

Our members feel they’re part of a supportive community and the Facebook group is a great way to learn about anything and everything affecting a small to medium business. It’s full of women from all walks of life, at all stages of their business development journey. No question is too silly to ask and the diverse community means that you’ll probably find someone else in the group has had a similar problem or experience.

Even if you’re just starting your business journey, or you don’t feel confident about promoting yourself, we encourage you to join our Facebook Groups anyway. There’s nothing wrong in being a ‘lurker’. Come and watch and learn from the rest of the community, and when it’s your turn to step into the limelight and attend a meet up or become a paid member, we’ll welcome you! We are all about connections and authentic referrals.  We are definitely more about collaboration and not competition.  Our mission is quite simple – we want to connect women together.  When you connect with others, magical stuff does happen!




Here’s What You Get……..

  • Business Directory Listing on the central website with category options, giving you increased visibility through our own marketing. You can have up to three categories.
  • Access to the private Facebook group for VIPS
  • Daily Instagram & Facebook Pod in the member’s group to help increase your reach and visiblity
  • #membertakeover opportunity in general group – you get to take over the reigns for a whole day to an audience of over 4,000!
  • Monthly #guestexpert every month in members Facebook group (apart from challenge months)
  • Quarterly Challenges in the members Facebook group
  • Monthly zoom call for members to discuss problems and help each other out.  This is as much about giving help as asking for it.
  • Publishing opportunities in the monthly newsletter
  • Members discounts to networking events (all events are currently online and FREE for VIPs in April)
  • Access to your own virtual team of like-minded women for sharing information, advice & experiences
  • 100% support, motivation, inspiration, accountability
  • No contract, minimum term or tie-in
  • No restriction on business types. We prefer to encourage collaboration and not competition.
  • Collaboration opportunities
  • Pre-approved status in the general Facebook group of over 4000+ women

And guess what? When you put yourself out there and you connect with other women, you will probably sell your stuff too!

Due to the Corona Virus, VIP access is FREE for one month.  There is a £1 sign-up fee.  Normal price is £10 per month.  You can cancel before your next monthly payment is due. You gain access to all of the above value! One membership = one business = one business directory listing.

More than one business? – If you would like more than one business directory listing, you can sign up with a 50% discount for each additional business.  All you need to do is checkout using the coupon code directory and you will receive the 50% discount. You must sign up with a different email for each additional business.

Charity Membership – If you run or work for a charity, we want to support you and are giving charity memberships FREE! All you need to do is checkout using the code charity and you will be given 100% discount.

** terms & conditions apply.

More Benefits…..

  • Immediate access to an influential, credible, trusted network.
  • Build, develop and nurture new relationships.
  • Meet women from a wide range of industries and at different phases of business.  Having access to collective knowledge and expertise is very powerful.
  • Discover new partners, gain clients and explore collaborations. We LOVE collaborations!
  • Promote your business to a targeted audience and to the wider Biz Girls community.
  • Exchange stories and learn from each others unique experiences.

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