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Maidenhead Business Girls (MBG) is the flagship group for The Business Girls Network.  It’s where it all started and has grown to be a strong, vibrant and credible community of amazing women.  There are over 2500 women in the community from a diverse range of industries and all at different stages of their business journey.

Every member within the group contributes in some shape or form and it has become the ‘go to’ place for women locally.  Collaborations, joint ventures and referrals have all taken place, not to mention the hundreds of new clients that have passed through the doors.   The opportunities created within the group is the reason why women join and remain members.  It’s a very special community of women and I feel privileged to be part of it.

There are monthly meet-ups which are well organised, structured events with a topical speaker and a Business Girl spotlight of the month.  The events are usually sold out.  There are also new informal, bi-monthly evening networking events starting in October 2017.  Click here to find out the schedule of what’s on and where.


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