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Maidenhead Business Girls – Amanda Ayres (Founder of The Business Girls Network)

Maidenhead Business Girls (MBG) is the flagship group for The Business Girls Network.  It’s where it all started and has grown to be a strong, vibrant and credible community of amazing women.  There are over 3500 women in the community from a diverse range of industries and all at different stages of their business journey.

Every member within the group contributes in some shape or form and it has become the ‘go to’ place for women locally.  Collaborations, joint ventures and referrals have all taken place, not to mention the hundreds of new clients that have passed through the doors.   The opportunities created within the group is the reason why women join and remain members.  It’s a very special community of women and I feel privileged to be part of it.

There are monthly meet-ups which are well organised, structured events with a topical speaker and a Business Girl spotlight of the month.  The events are usually sold out.


Newbury Business Girls – Laura Cooper (Pink Spaghetti Newbury, Swindon and Surrounding Areas)

I’m Laura and I’ve been a business owner for the last 3 years and have grown Pink Spaghetti PA Services, through networking and word of mouth. I understand how important networking is and the difference it can make, not only to your business but on a personal level too. My background in account management, sales and marketing and admin meant that setting up a PA company was a great fit for me when I decided to leave the corporate world after having my first son. Networking however was not something I felt confident doing! I still remember that first ever event I went to and the butterflies involved. I quickly came to love networking – for the relationships I’ve built with inspiring women, the support network I now have around me and the knowledge I’ve gained about running a small business. It truly has been the making of my business. It can be tough starting and running a small business. Lonely, overwhelming and terrifying sometimes. Other times it can be empowering, inspiring and fun. Networking and having a support network of other female business owners around you, definitely helps to make it the latter! I’m looking forward to helping other local women grow their business, find their passion and love what they do.

Henley & Marlow Business Girls – Chloe Leibowitz (Chloe Leibowitz Inspiring Women)

Hi, I’m Chloe. An experienced, Award Winning Life Coach, I’m also a Wife, Mum, Stepmum, Daughter, Friend, Sister….this list goes on! Life is busy and fast-paced, and over the years I continue to learn invaluable tools and techniques to keep things happy, healthy, as stress free as possible, and importantly for me, fulfilling.

My mission through my coaching is simply to Inspire my clients, and to give them the guidance and tools to make the change they want to see – making  progress, not seeking perfection. My own experience, as well as my professional Coaching qualifications, have proved invaluable, enabling me to inspire my clients through live workshops, face-to-face or online programmes and speaking at events.

Life is about making progress – not seeking perfection. I know that by adopting one new habit, by repeating it day after day until it sticks, you will make progress. Some people can tackle larger changes, others can’t, and that’s just fine. Let me ask you the questions that help you find your way and get excited about the future.

High Wycombe Business Girls – Tiffany Wise (TWVA Limited)

Tiffany is an Entrepreneur and working mum and set up TWVA in 2016 from her home office in Buckinghamshire providing business support services to busy and ambitious Executives and business owners.  In just 2 years the business has built up a strong portfolio of clients and Tiffany now works with a team of top-level associates, each with their own area of expertise.

Tiffany has always been incredibly ambitious and dedicated to her work.  She was offered her first business partnership at 17, with a second following just a year later.  However, both were turned down in her pursuit to become a PA.  She went on to graduate from Lucie Clayton Secretarial College in 2001 and quickly gained a reputation as a top-level PA/EA within central London, working for a number of large organisations within the financial services, banking, private equity and consumer services sector including companies such as Merrill Lynch and The AA.

Tiffany is honoured to sit on the VIP VA Advisory Board which champions the need for a professional body and organisation for virtual freelancers.  She has also recently be shortlisted as a finalist in the Rising Star category for the Mpower National Business Awards.

Outside of TWVA, Tiffany enjoys spending time with her young son and has recently been elected as a Parent Governor at his primary school.  She also enjoys walking her cockapoo Denzel (when he’s not asleep in the home office!), grabbing a bite to eat with friends and boxing (don’t worry, the gloves are left at the gym!).

Why Did I Want To Become An Ambassador?

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I love to talk(!) however working on my own from home means I don’t get to do that a lot …  It is therefore key for my both my wellbeing and business that I get out and network on a regular basis.

I run a vibrant and modern Boutique Business Support business and the values and ethos of the Business Girls matches perfectly with my own.  I am a huge supporter of women in business and am all about the collaboration, not competition.  Joining the Business Girls Network as an ambassador for High Wycombe gives me a great excuse to get out and talk until my heart is content whilst also building a great support network, opening my business to new joint ventures and assisting the growth of other business through referrals and introductions to new Clients.

I’m incredibly excited about meeting all the amazing women who will join our events and am honoured to call myself a Business Girls Ambassador.

Beaconsfield and Amersham Business Girls – Ainsley Grant (Puzzle Communications)

We are a fully integrated marketing agency run by 3 women who have collaborated to be able to offer full marketing service to clients.

We believe its the small pieces that make the Big picture!

I decided to become a Business Girls Ambassador because after doing a lot of research it definitely has a completely different feel where women empower women and everyone really does support each other. Relaxed, professional and fun is what I want to create at the Beaconsfield and Amersham networking events. Learn from each other and inspire each other to step outside comfort zones. The Business girls network seems to make everyone feel comfortable, welcome and valued in whatever stage of their business they are at.

The Business Girls are expanding.  If you would like to work with me and become and Ambassador in your location, please register your interest below.  This is an exciting opportunity to build your profile and grow your business, whilst being part of a credible and growing brand.

You can also join the general FREE facebook group regardless of where you are in the world, by clicking here.


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