Ladies of a Certain Age

You are you and I am me

And neither are what we used to be

Our little hips have grown in size

There’s more padding on our waist and thighs.

Our heels may not be so high

We have more wrinkles around each eye

But with age comes wisdom too

I like me and I like you.

We have less doubt that we did before

We’ve been around, and heard it all

So many adventures still to be had

And some behaviour still quite bad!

We know now though what is true

It’s in what we say and what we do

Not how we look or what we earned

With age this is a lesson learned.

We thank our bodies every day

They’ve done their best in every way

And even when we’re 1-0-3

You’ll still be you and I’ll still be me x

Caroline Sellers

November 2017

Caroline sent me this little ditty following an interview on ‘Confidence’.  I love things like this arriving in my inbox! Thank you Caroline.

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