Louise from GoHR one of our Maidenhead Business Girls members wrote this fantastic check list for January – who’s ticked some of them off?

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By now you have said Happy New Year till your blue in the face, it’s time for leaders to get back to business and start creating their 2016 success story. If you’ve got the balance right you’ve hopefully been able to spend some time relaxing over the festive period (but probably not), so you’re ready to face your new challenges with excitement and set the world on fire.


Whether you were planning to ease yourself in gently, or you’re ready to hit the ground running, there are some important considerations that need to be on your ‘To Do List’ over the next couple of weeks.

There’s no time like the present, so lets get started. There are some key questions you need to answer, discuss with your teams, and use to ensure that you’re really prepared for the challenges that January and 2016 will bring.

Is your workforce about to leave you?

Ok, so not a nice place to start but lets be real many people find themselves contemplating their careers at this time of year. The grass may not be greener but If they’ve been stagnating for quite some time, or they feel like chances have passed them by previously, then it’s around about now that they’re likely to decide that they want to do something about it. Adverts for online recruitment websites are everywhere so even those who are not actively looking can be surfing the net from the comfort of their settee.

You have a choice about how you can view this. On one hand, it could present the opportunity for you to develop your staff and encourage them to take on new, value-adding tasks. On the other hand though, it could mean that they’re starting to look outside of your business for better conditions and pay. Be mindful of the impact that this could have, and work out your plan of action. Speaking with your team and engaging with them about the future should really be done as an ongoing process but just be aware that new year could have people thinking new job.

Back with a flourish? And keep it going…

Full recharged and ready to go, If your workers are eager to get stuck into new challenges, then it makes sense to embrace this. Your employees might be keen to develop their skills, as we’ve already touched on, and savvy leaders know that this needs to be harnessed. Of course, it’s also worthwhile noting that there are still three months left of the financial year, and what you do now could make a big difference to overall results. So getting it right could be beneficial for your business in a massive way, don’t leave it to chance.

Could you roll out new projects that you’ve had on the back burner for a little while? Are there easy wins that you haven’t yet tapped into, that could have a fantastic impact? It’s very easy to get caught up in the rush and bustle of the festive period and New Year so take 5 to focus and set clear goals and targets. How can you take advantage of new year excitement and motivation to breathe new life into your business?

What legislative changes are round the corner?

When you employ staff you must keep one key on what’s coming up. Employment law is changing all the time from UK and Europe, and generally speaking, this is a positive thing, or lets frame it as positive. Legal systems can ensure that you’re keeping your practices up to date, and that you’re creating a business that has an outstanding reputation when it comes to how it handles and develops its workforce. You want people to want to work for you and your company so creating positive PR is about how you treat you current staff.

It’s important though that you stay on top of any changes, and make sure that you’re compliant. There’ll no doubt be developments that will have an impact on your policies over the next 12 months, and preparation is key. Pinpoint any new legislation that you’ll have to account for, and start planning your approach. You may need to update your policies, and arrange for consultations and communication drives with your staff. Your staff will be aware of changes as the media does that job for you but you need to understand what it really means for your business.

January is a busy time for everyone, and business owners will have their own unique challenges and considerations. What you do now has the power to make or break your 2016, so don’t bury your head in the sand or before your know it, it will be 2017!

Please remember when it comes to managing people you’re not alone. It can be a frightening world with employment legislation but getting the right support for you can take the burden away and provide you with the safety net.

Is 2016 the year you get serious about getting the best from your people? If so, we’d be delighted to help.

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