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We went on holiday last week. By the time we went Alan and I were both frazzled. Burned out. Exhausted. Both of us barely able to function, sitting at the computer for hours but only achieving minutes of work. Lacking in inspiration, in positivity, in energy..…what had happened to us? On thinking about why, I came to realise that we had only taken 2 weeks off in the last 18 months. It wasn’t any wonder that we felt this way. Things needed to change.


Today I met a friend for a cup of tea. We sat and chatted about all sorts. Relationships, yoga, meditation, growing up (well getting old actually!), truth, understanding ourselves, eating habits, self-expectations, pleasing others. It was just lovely. I left the coffee shop feeling happy, positive, light and comfortable in my own skin.

I came back to work and have been pretty damn effective all afternoon. Excited about what I am doing, my mind full of what I can do next, of ideas, of inspiration, and it set me thinking, what was it about that cuppa that made me feel this way? How did this couple of hours change my frame of mind? What happened to the pre-holiday me?

Turns out, tea has nothing to do with it, but no surprises there really!!
So what was it, if not the tea? I set about thinking that in fact I had had lunch with another friend yesterday and a sneaky half hour chat with another in the morning. (I know I can hear you saying it, does that woman ever work? Why is she so tired?) But this really is unusual for me I promise! Again we chatted about all sorts. Angel cards, souls, acceptance, judgements, self-love – you name it we talked about it, I learned so much. I enjoyed listening about these things and exploring my own views on them. Again I felt on top of the world for the rest of the day and instead of sitting at my computer working slowly and with no passion I was able to get loads done and felt full of thoughts and ideas for the future of Inspire.

During one of the conversations we talked about love. Not just love of others but self-love and the importance of this. That we must love ourselves and take time to recharge otherwise we become incapable of giving love to others. We simply burn out, run on empty and have nothing to offer. This rang some bells for me, alarm bells. There was the answer. I spend no time loving myself. In fact I found the whole concept quite strange. How was I supposed to do this? Why would I do something so self-centred? But it isn’t, it is actually quite easy and made sense. I loved myself by spending some time with people that I love, who make me feel good, who lift my spirits and low and behold here I am feeling much more able to give love. It’s not rocket science. When you stop and think about it, it makes sense. How can we be a good, positive and loving element in someone else’s life if we cannot do it in our own life?

I have been asking you guys to write a blog about what Inspires you about INSPIRE. Before holiday, before yesterday I had been thinking of what it was that inspired me about INSPIRE. I had lots of thoughts, lots of answers but none that really truly expressed how I felt.

Well this afternoon I have the answer. What is it that inspires me about INSPIRE? It’s YOU. All of you. That’s it, it’s that simple. I came to realise that I learn such a lot from all of you. You have shown compassion, kindness, generosity, perseverance, ability to change and grow, acceptance and understanding. I have come to rely on and enjoy the love that comes through the door.

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Why did my cup of tea bring me Inspiration? Because that cup of tea came with one of you, (well 3 of you actually) with kindness, with friendship, with no judgement, no ego…..It came with love and reminded me to love myself and give myself chance to heal. So hopefully I too can now spread some love to you guys when you need it too.

It gave me a chance to re-evaluate what is important. Now I know – Its LOVE. That’s it. Do a job you love, be with people you love, do things you love, complete all tasks with love, give love without judgement but most of all love yourself! Everything else will then just follow.

My goals now are to spend no less than an hour each day doing something for myself that I love, whether that is having a cuppa with a friend, reading my book, doing yoga, loving myself.

Please take a moment and consider if you love yourself enough and if not, decide what it is you can do to inspire yourself to do it….what makes you happy? Go do it!!!

Thank you for being part of INSPIRE. Thank you for being YOU and thank you for all the LOVE.


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