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For  every woman looking good is important and for business women it’s even more important as we are our best selling point. Our faces are our most visible feature, it is the first contact point when we meet somebody. It gives a lot of information about us.  How old? Healthy/ill? Honest? Trustworthy? Good person? Happy, sad, angry….? Would I like to do business with her? Our faces really give a first impression whether you are aware that you do it or not.

My way of facing this issue is from a holistic perspective. For me looking young means to look radiant, fresh and happy. It means to look the best you can without having to freeze your features, having to undergo unpleasant procedures and without ending up looking like a weird version of you! It means getting rid of the premature ageing that life can inflict on us such as lack of sleep, stress, traumatic events, sun damage, alchool, cigarettes, medication…. in a natural way. For me looking young means looking the best version of you as a reflection of how well you feel inside, it comes from inside out and it has nothing to do with how many wrinkles you have. Ageing is inevitable but getting old prematurally is an option.

Japanese Cosmo Facelift is a fantastic alternative way to look and feel fresher and more radiant naturally. It is based on Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem Where every part of the face corresponds to a part of the body.


How does Japanese Cosmo Facelift work?

  • By working on your body organs and systems. The improvement inside is going to show on your face as every part of your body is reflected on your face.
  • By deeply stimulating and improving blood and nerve supply to the skin and facial muscles.
  • By continuous lymphatic drainage which helps to get rid of toxins
  • By being one of the most relaxing treatments out there.

My instruments: HANDS,  my own AROMATHERAPY BLENDS and GOOD VIBES!


I would like to point that all the blends I use are blended by me as I am an aromatherapist and I have seen the benefits on the skin of natural and organic products with no nasties in it. Just pure nourishment for the skin. I always recommend using my bespoke skin care to all of my clients to take the benefits of the treatment further. But this a subject for another day!


-Younger and fresher looking face.

-More relaxed and calmed you

A win to win situation as you receive a treatment that improves your looks,, that is relaxing and good for your health, all at the same time!


If you like me, prefer the natural, feel good option to look good please get in touch for more information.

07767 688769

REVIEW by Amanda Ayres

I am often offered treatments or products by Business Girls.  I don’t very often take them up on such offers as its always a risk. I will always give an honest review and it can be slightly nerve racking if you don’t like the product or treatment! Meli asked me if I would like to have the Japanese Cosmo Facelift treatment.  I was feeling somewhat tired, a bit run ragged and decided I definitely needed it! I arrived at Meli’s home where she has a gorgeous treatment cabin in her garden.  It was newly built and I felt very lucky to be one of the first into the cabin! The cabin looked gorgeous.  Completely still and quiet.  I have to say I was not feeling 100%, felt exhausted and looked terrible! I had to really motivate myself to even go to the appointment! Reluctantly I agreed to have before and I have photos done.  For those that know me, this is not something I am very comfortable doing! Soft, calming music was on.  I was made comfortable on the bed and the treatment began.  The way in which Meli massaged my skin was nothing I had experienced before.  It was a really deep massage and I had to try very hard not to fall asleep during the treatment.  Not least because I wanted to enjoy the experience for the whole hour!  I was relaxed and felt the tension disappearing.  When the treatment had finished I had a look in the mirror and was completely shocked.  My skin looked fresh, the bags under my eyes had disappeared and I had a glow about me that was definitely not present before the treatment.  I was completely shocked by the difference! I used the word ‘Wow’ several times and honestly couldn’t believe how much better I looked.  I walked in feeling tired and terribly run down. I left with a real spring my step.  I was amazed at how much better I felt and indeed looked.  I will definitely be going back to have the full course of treatment.  If you would like to give yourself a treat and a lift, I would highly recommend this treatment.  Thank you to Meli for giving me the pick me up I needed! I wish I could share the before and after photos, but for me that would be a step too far!

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