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Wednesday 4th September – Maidenhead – How to Provide Exceptional Customer Service with Caroline Christer from Maidenhead Podiatry


0915 – 0930 – Arrive and Registration

0930 – 0950 – Welcome & Introductions

0950 – 1000 – Business Girl Spotlight

1000 – 1030 – Caroline Christer – Maidenhead Podiatry

1030 to 1130 – Networking

Do you know the importance of Customer Service?

Caroline Christer, from Maidenhead Podiatry, and a previous Business Girl of the Year AND Service of the Year Award winner will be joining us to share her incredible knowledge.  It doesn’t matter whether you have one client or many, customer service should be a critical part and consideration of your business.  Without it, your business won’t succeed.  Caroline will be sharing everything she knows with us.  This meet-up is one not to miss!

About Caroline

Caroline is an experienced business owner, running businesses for over 20 years. Caroline is passionate about putting customers first and provides exceptional customer service.  

The Maidenhead Podiatry Clinic on the outskirts of Maidenhead offers a wide range of treatments with an experienced team of professionals. 

Maidenhead Podiatry

Beauty at Maidenhead Podiatry


Our meet-ups are friendly and fun with an infectious vibe, fizzing around the room. When women connect, a transformation happens. We encourage women with different backgrounds, different businesses and at different stages of their business to join in. You never know who you are talking to and how they might be able to help you or indeed they might know someone who can. Our ethos is collaboration and definitely not competition. We believe you can all help each from waitress to high flying CMO. We need to work together to change the perception of how we really do business. We can learn and support each other in the process. Building relationships are what we do best! Face-to-Face networking builds deeper connections and relationships. Paid members can attend any location at the member rate. Visitors can attend twice as guests before deciding whether to sign-up as a fully- fledged member. We operate a closed membership. The exception to this is that guests have a seven-day window to sign-up as a member after an event.

Who can attend?

Anybody who owns a business or who are thinking of setting one up.

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Hope to see you there!

Amanda, Chief Business Girl

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