Cardiff Business Girls

I’m Lisa, more commonly known (well online!!) as Website Wonder Woman. I have been running my web design business for the last two years, but have been creating websites since 2007. I provide web design, support and training for women in business – you won’t get any techy and overwhelming talk from me! I specialise in WordPress and membership sites and have worked with Amanda on The Business Girls Network website for the last year or so, so a lot of you may already know me, but I fell in love with the community that I have seen grow.

I’ve always loved networking and I find that it is such an important part of my business. But not only that, working from home I felt so lonely with no one really to understand what I was going through as I didn’t know anyone else who ran their own business. So it solves at least two of my problems at once – I get to go out and meet and chat with other like minded women and I get to talk about my business – to people who are interested.

But I think that with The Business Girls Network it goes far beyond just a monthly networking event and I love the spirit in the online group and the support that is available from each and every member. We all have something to offer and by getting together and working together we really can take over the world!!

Cardiff Business Girls is now OPEN!

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