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Welcome to The Business Girls Network and thanks for becoming an Ambassador!

You are now officially a Business Girl!


My Mission is quite simple – to promote and support the growth of women in business.  We have a passion for this and know you share this too!

I really hope you enjoy being part of our amazing community and I would love you to contribute and be part of it is as much as possible.

There is everything in this area to help you rock being an Ambassador! If you think there is anything missing, please let me know.

Best wishes

Amanda x

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Directory Listing

Your FREE Business Directory Listing

As a Business Girls Ambassador you get a free directory listing.  To create your directory listing you will need to update your profile, with your business details, this will automatically create you a listing in our business directory (please watch video below for a step by step guide to adding your listing).  Please make sure you tag the ‘Ambassador’ category too.

It is your responsibility to make sure your directory is uploaded.  Please make sure you do this.  All referrals in any of the Facebook groups will go via the directory according to the guidelines in the groups.  This is a benefit for YOU so please make sure your listing is there! Where possible I try to tag members in posts.  Not everybody knows who a member is, so completing your directory listing is super important.  Please also make sure you tag the categories that are relevant to you.  For example, if you have a product or service which can be given as a gift, please tag the ‘gift ideas’ category.  If there are any categories, you feel are missing, please let me know and I will add them.


Join Facebook Groups

Please make sure you join the following Facebook groups:

Ambassador Group

Members Group

Free Group

Download Ambassadors Badge

You can download your Business Girls Ambassadors Badge by clicking HERE (right click on the image to save).  Please post this on your website, business page, include in your newsletters – let’s get the biz girls message out there!


Events and Eventbrite


  • Fix a set day and time of the month so people are familiar with this. It’s much easier if people can schedule the same time in their diary every month.
  • Please check the website for other groups dates and make sure you don’t organize an event on the same day if it’s a location within close proximity. I will certainly try to attend all launch events where possible!
  • Research other local networking events and don’t hold your events on the same day.
  • Find a venue which has a fantastic vibe and energy. Church/school/sports halls are NOT in line with the Business Girls brand.
  • Try to find a venue where they will give you the venue hire FOC on the basis you are bringing traffic to the venue.
  • Provide tea/coffee and biscuits. I find people don’t always eat biscuits. I used to provide pastries but found people didn’t eat them.
  • Always have jugs of water with ice or cordial.
  • If you have any cake making ladies in your group, ask them to provide cup-cakes FOC. You could always bake the odd cake yourself! It’s the personal touch that people like.
  • Always use a screen/projector and put together basic slides with a welcome message/logo/agenda on.  This is great for when people are taking photo’s to have the branding in the background.
  • Make sure you have the right adaptors and cables for the tech side at a venue.  Don’t wait until the day.  Go and check in advance to make sure it works.
  • Ask your speaker to provide a presentation if its relevant. It’s more professional.
  • Speaker slots should be no longer than 20 minutes long or 30 minutes including a Q & A. Feedback is that people want more networking time.
  • Choose a Business Girl Spotlight.  This is a 10 minute slot and they must be a member.  Give your Business Girl Spotlight the option to use a presentation if they so wish. The only instance when I don’t use a screen, is if the speaker does not require one, or for open networking events.
  • Choose a venue where there is parking. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to get to.
  • I don’t run a meet-up in August at all. If there are any meet-ups that fall in half term holidays or Easter, I sometimes change these.
  • Two hour meet-ups (standard meet-up)

0900 Registration and coffee

0930 Welcome (and housekeeping) and introductions. I do a 30 second or 1 minute intro per person going round the room. If the meet-up is busy, it will usually take too long to do 1 minute intros so I cut it to 30 seconds.

1000 Business Girl Spotlight – (a paid member gets 10 minutes to pitch)

1010 Speaker of the month/Topic including Q & A.

1040 Networking and coffee.

1130 Close

  • I often take a prize of some description and ask people to put their hands up and share some good news or a win. I choose my favourite and they win the prize.
  • This a tried and tested format which works. I have tried lots of different formats. Find a format and time that works best for you but remember it has to work for the women in your group too.
  • Make your start time is later if you live in a location where it’s going to take longer to get to the venue.
  • Ask people to bring props that reflect their business.
  • Do special events at certain times of the year. I usually do a special event at Christmas which includes food or canapes. I also do a secret Santa where I invite attendees to bring a gift up to a certain value that could reflect their business. This is great fun and everybody likes to take away a present!
  • I always do a Garden Party theme for the July meet up as it’s the ‘end of term’ and have canapes.
  • Try to capture your attendees business cards.  Due to GDPR i am no longer able to distribute any email addresses.

You are of course welcome to operate different types of events in addition to the standard monthly meet-up.


The topics that are the most popular are where people are learning something. They love Marketing topics. ‘How to’ topics go down very well.


The standard price for a meet-up is £10 for a paid member and £22.50 for a guest. Eventbrite fees are added onto this. Remember guests can only attend twice and then they must sign up. I would expect all ambassadors to follow this model for a standard monthly meet-up. Please contact me if there needs to be any exceptions to this. You may want to charge your launch event at a special price in the region of £15 for the launch event only. If you do additional events or evening meet-ups it’s up to you how much you charge them out at. I do charge additional costs for special events where lunch or canapes are involved.

  • Please email me an email address that can be used to add you as a sub user on Eventbrite.  This must not be an email address already associated with an account. If you need some training on how to upload an event to eventbrite, please let me know.
  • Create event on Eventbrite.
  • Please make sure your ticket end dates are changed to reflect the actual date of your event.
  • Where possible use a photo for the event image from a previous event.  In my experience these attract more interest.
  • Please invite attendees from previous events to your future events using the eventbrite function.
  • Please pass fees on in all eventbrite ticket settings.
  • Please ensure you have ‘paid member’ and ‘guest’ ticket option.
  • Please send an email to attendees from eventbrite following the event to thank them for coming and send any guests a membership email.
  • Please send an email to any guests (non-members) informing them of the 7 day membership window opportunity.  Watch the video.

It is your responsibility to gain new members in your location.  As you know the membership window is not going to be open all the time. I am operating a closed membership. If you have guests that attend a meet-up there will be an exception to this.  The process is as follows:

  • Guests who are not members and attend an event, can sign up to become a member within 7 days of the event.
  • You need to send them an email as per the example below using the ‘ticket type’ function from eventbrite.  If the membership window is closed at the time of your event, they will need to sign up using the link in the example below.  Send this email as soon as possible after the event.
  • Send a couple of reminders within the 7 day period with a final email to say the 7 day invitation is closing. Watch the video.

Hi Ladies

Thanks so much again for attending the event this morning.  I hope you enjoyed the morning as much as I did and it gave you more of an insight into all things Business Girls!

We operate a closed membership system.  The exception to this, is as an attendee of this mornings event you get 7 days from today to sign up.  

All the membership info and the different options are over on the website.  You can find this here;

Because the membership window is currently closed, you will need to click here again to sign up depending on which option you choose

Annual payment:

Monthly option:

If you sign up to the annual option, you get two months FREE!

You can also find out what’s on and when over on the website >>

If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Enjoy the rest of the day and thanks again for coming!


Amanda x

  • Be active in both the members group and general Facebook groups.
  • Do Facebook lives in the groups to promote.
  • Do Facebook lives with your guest speakers to promote your events in the groups.
  • Promote your events in your local Facebook groups on the correct promo days.
  • Use your current network to send out regular emails.
  • Promote your events on your Facebook business pages and tag @thebusinessgirlsnetwork Facebook page so we can share the posts.
  • If you promote the events on any other channels, please tag us so we can share and promote.
  • Promote your events regularly in the run up to your events.
  • HQ are sending out regular emails and promoting on all our social channels.  However, it is YOUR responsibility to promote your events and get bums on seats.

Inspire Conference & Awards 2019 – March 8th – SAVE THE DATE

Ambassadors will be expected to attend.



Roller Banners and Postcards


Quote Banner (Blurb Quote Roller Banner –  BSPSVGBF)

410gsm grey back film
3 working day turnaround
£79.00 inc. delivery. Price excludes VAT
Order from Sian –




Postcard – Size A6 ( Showcard – SHSA64)
400gsm silk, printed both sides
3 working day turnaround
250 – £58.00
500 – £61.00
1000 – £72.00
Prices exc. Delivery and VAT
Order from Sian –



Main Banner (Blurb Main Roller Banner –  BSPSVGBF)

410gsm grey back film
3 working day turnaround
£79.00 inc. delivery. Price excludes VAT
Order from Sian –




When ordering, please specify item required, and quantity. Prices correct at time of publishing. Order confirmation and payment is required prior to production. All major credit cards accepted.
Information required for website

Can you please forward me the following information:

  • High res image of you
  • High res logo
  • Biography of who you are (including links to your website and social channels)
  • Paragraph on why you have decided to be a biz girls ambassador.


Thank you.

Monthly Membership & Event Pay-out Process

A monthly newsletter is distributed and I would love an update from each Ambassador.  The newsletter is sent out on the 1st of the month and you will be sent reminders.   Please provide whats been happening in your location.  Links have been set up for you to share images etc from your location.  You can upload anything from the app on your phone too.  You could highlight your events, some good news, a member in your location, something about you and your business.  The content needs to be copy ready with any links you wish to include, plus a couple of images.  This is a great way to promote our amazing events each month as well promoting you and your business! So PLEASE let me have this info.  The more content and photos we have from different locations, the better! Please use the links below to upload any content.

Membership Fees Process

Each month the membership process will be as follows:

  • A live link shared with you and will be updated every single month on the 1st of the month with any new members that come into your location.  There will be an annual, monthly, events and reports tab.
  • All you need to do each month is check the status on your annual and monthly tabs for any new members and monthly members and create the invoice once you have calculated the revenue share.  Could you possibly highlight on invoices the names of the members and whether they are annual or monthly to enable me to recky my accounts.   The amount shown is the amount after paypal fees have been taken.  here is also an events tab and monthly reporting tab which will be updated on the 1st of the month too.You will not be sent an email as the document is a live link so you can access it any time after the 1st of the month.  Membership share invoices will be paid within 14 days of receipt of invoice.  You can either add your event pay outs to this invoice or send a separate invoice which will be paid within 7 days.
  • Please note that any previous members that were already biz girls members before you became an ambassador will not be highlighted as your revenue share until after the first year of being an ambassador.
  • Please note that a member will be allocated as a member by location of where they live, NOT by the group they choose to attend.  I know this is a tricky one but it has to be done by location. If anybody has an issue with this, please contact me directly.
Eventbrite Payout Fees Process
  • Please go into your Eventbrite event and invoice me for the ‘Paid Out’ payment, NOT the ‘Net Sales’ following the end of your event.  The invoice will be paid within 7 days of the receipt of your invoice.
  • If you want to invoice me once per month to include both your events and your membership fees, this must be following the membership email that is sent out to you within 7 days of the 1stof the month.  I am trying to streamline the invoicing processing dates each month to no more than twice a month.


Process for new members

Once new members have paid:

  • they will be sent an auto email welcoming them to the community and giving them all of their instructions.
  • the auto email will also include links to the website where they can find your contact details and a link to all events.  They will be encouraged to contact you as their Ambassador.
  • Find your venue
  • Upload your launch event to eventbrite
  • Let’s go live on the business page to announce you as our new ambassador!
  • Send out a press release
  • Invite everybody in your network
  • Keep posting on the free group and members group and on your own business page
  • See you at the launch event!

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