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Welcome to The Business Girls Network and thanks for becoming an Ambassador!

You are now officially a Business Girl!


My Mission is quite simple – to promote and support the growth of women in business.  We have a passion for this and know you share this too!

I really hope you enjoy being part of our amazing community and I would love you to contribute and be part of it is as much as possible.

There is everything in this area to help you rock being an Ambassador! If you think there is anything missing, please let me know.

Best wishes

Amanda x

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Directory Listing

Your FREE Business Directory Listing

As a Business Girls Ambassador you get a free directory listing.  To create your directory listing you will need to update your profile, with your business details, this will automatically create you a listing in our business directory (please watch video below for a step by step guide to adding your listing).  Please make sure you tag the ‘Ambassador’ category too.

It is your responsibility to make sure your directory is uploaded.  Please make sure you do this.  All referrals in any of the Facebook groups will go via the directory according to the guidelines in the groups.  This is a benefit for YOU so please make sure your listing is there! Where possible I try to tag members in posts.  Not everybody knows who a member is, so completing your directory listing is super important.  Please also make sure you tag the categories that are relevant to you.  For example, if you have a product or service which can be given as a gift, please tag the ‘gift ideas’ category.  If there are any categories, you feel are missing, please let me know and I will add them.


Join Facebook Groups

Please make sure you join the following Facebook groups:

Ambassador Group

Members Group

Free Group

Download Ambassadors Badge

You can download your Business Girls Ambassadors Badge by clicking HERE (right click on the image to save).  Please post this on your website, business page, include in your newsletters – let’s get the biz girls message out there!


Blogs - NEW - coming soon


Roller Banners and Postcards


Quote Banner (Blurb Quote Roller Banner –  BSPSVGBF)

410gsm grey back film
3 working day turnaround
£79.00 inc. delivery. Price excludes VAT
Order from Sian –




Postcard – Size A6 ( Showcard – SHSA64)
400gsm silk, printed both sides
3 working day turnaround
250 – £58.00
500 – £61.00
1000 – £72.00
Prices exc. Delivery and VAT
Order from Sian –



Main Banner (Blurb Main Roller Banner –  BSPSVGBF)

410gsm grey back film
3 working day turnaround
£79.00 inc. delivery. Price excludes VAT
Order from Sian –




When ordering, please specify item required, and quantity. Prices correct at time of publishing. Order confirmation and payment is required prior to production. All major credit cards accepted.
Information required for website

Can you please forward me the following information:

  • High res image of you
  • High res logo
  • Biography of who you are (including links to your website and social channels)
  • Paragraph on why you have decided to be a biz girls ambassador.


Thank you.


I send out a monthly newsletter and would love an update from each Ambassador.  Please send me a paragraph or two on whats been happening in your location.  You could highlight your events, some good news, a member in your location, something about you and your business.  Please send to me by 20th of each month.  The content needs to be copy ready with any links you wish to include, plus a couple of images.

Membership Fees

I will forward you details of a new member in your location when they sign up.  Please send me a monthly outline of how many new members in your location along with an invoice for the membership fees.  Please send me an invoice by the last day of the month.  This will be processed the first week of each month.


As per the events video, all events are to be uploaded by yourself to the main eventbrite account.  Pay outs will go to the main account.  You will have access to eventbrite, so will be able to see what the payouts are.  Please send me an invoice by the last day of the month.  This will be processed the first week of each month.  You can include both membership fees and eventbrite pay outs in the same invoice.


Process for new members

Once new members have paid:

  • they will be sent an auto email welcoming them to the community and giving them all of their instructions.
  • the auto email will also include links to the website where they can find your contact details and a link to all events.  They will be encouraged to contact you as their Ambassador.
  • Please email me an email address that can be used to add you as a sub user on Eventbrite.  This must not be an email address already associated with an account. If you need some training on how to upload an event to eventbrite, please let me know.
  • Please pass fees on in all eventbrite ticket settings.
  • Please ensure you have ‘paid member’ and ‘guest’ ticket option.
  • You are welcome to use any image for the eventbrite photo.  Sometimes I create a canva event header and sometimes i use an image.


  • Find your venue
  • Upload your launch event to eventbrite
  • Let’s go live on the business page to announce you as our new ambassador!
  • Send out a press release
  • Invite everybody in your network
  • Keep posting on the free group and members group and on your own business page
  • See you at the launch event!

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