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I’m Amanda Ayres, founder and owner of award-winning The Business Girls Network, working with one single aim in mind: to empower, support, and inspire female entrepreneurs or aspiring businesswomen. I’m also a Marketing Expert with over 25 years of experience.  I started the flagship group Maidenhead Business Girls as a Facebook group on a whim (will tell you all about it in a minute!) and did not expect that it would grow to be such a supportive and inspiring platform for so many women. For some, the group is where positive change begins.  I love getting to know all the women that join, it’s so refreshing to see so many different women at different stages of their journey all supporting each other.

Amanda Ayres

To define myself simply, I’m a real woman, just like you. I experience real problems, real consequences, and the reality of life every day. I’m a proud mum to 3 children and the happy wife of an entrepreneur, but I’m not exempt from life’s “downs” – no one is. The point is, I face personal and professional difficulties just like you. Just like you, I sometimes feel overwhelmed with it all and sometimes I feel empowered. Some days I just want to sleep, and on some, I want to conquer the world. Just like you! We’re all unique, yet all of us require support, empowerment, and inspiration – and that’s exactly what this community provides.

It was over 4 years ago when Maidenhead Business Girls became a Facebook group on a whim. The reason behind it was that I had a business related question but didn’t want to post it on the usual girl groups that are more fun and gossip than anything else. So I started my own group, and I had no idea what it would transition into at that time.

With time, the group grew with more members coming in each day.  It became apparent that many women needed a group that wasn’t the typical sort of girl group!

However, here’s the catch. I’m a shy person by nature. I detest being the centre of attention and being in the public eye made me pretty uncomfortable. But I knew that what I had started went beyond myself.  It’s a wonderful, strong community which is constantly connecting hundreds of women who are existing or aspiring entrepreneurs. Women on this group gain clients, find opportunities, share ideas, get referrals, and so much more.  Why don’t you hop in and see for yourself?

I’m proud to have built the thriving Business Girls community from scratch. There are over 4,000 women in the network, and a thriving paid members community. I have also hosted over 100 events, many of which are sell out events and over 3,000 women have attended. Many businesses are thriving and growing because of the support of the network.

Amanda Ayres x

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I occasionally take on a handful of 1-2-1 clients.  Email info@thebusinessgirlsnetwork.com for more info.

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